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Waltham Forest College [RIBA Stage 2 Report, 2022]
Education / Retrofit 

London, UK

Waltham Forest College commissioned us for a feasibility study into the central wing of the college to repurpose the existing swimming pool and auxiliary spaces across the lower ground and ground floor. It is part of the larger vision and objectives of Waltham Forest College to modernise the facilities into an advanced skills training centre delivering a contemporary, leading-edge construction curriculum to meet the skill needs of London and the local area.

Existing pool will be redeveloped into a large flexible teaching and learning space. The central wing of the college acts as a focal point of learning and this transformation will allow the estate to provide a much asset for the college for up 250 students that can be used by all of the colleges programmes.

Physical Model

As part of the proposed environmental strategy the efficiency of the existing fabric will be improved. Thermal insulation will be retrofitted to external walls where this does not compromise usability. Replacing the existing glazing with high performance glazing will offer the highest savings in energy use as well as thermal comfort. By maintaining and reusing much of the existing fabric, the proposed works extend the life of the building. This drastically reduces waste and energy associated with demolition and construction.

Flexible Learning