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Community Allotment Space

[Full Planning Recieved 2022]
London Borough of Merton, London, UK

The new Project Space in Hadley Road Community Allotment in Mitcham includes; a new outdoor classroom which will facilitate meetings and events and will be used in partnership with the National Trust as well as a new toilet for the allotment plot holders. It will be also used for special projects with four local schools and a medical practice, providing opportunities for young people to learn about growing fruits and vegetables. Hadley Road Allotment is a self-managed site that provides the community with a green space in which to grow their own food. This brings local people together, fosters support networks and helps increase awareness about the benefits of sustainable gardening and food production.

The new-build outdoor space is broken down into two masses with three interconnecting roofs that connect the classroom and toilet with a covered courtyard in between. Informed by both its green space context and the needs of its multi-age users, the building will be led by sustainable design, utilising thermal mass and orientation to make it habitable during the allotment seasons and built with naturally sourced materials including rammed earth and timber. The project forms part of Studio DERA’s research & development into natural building material hybrids. Studio DERA is collaborating with three Bartlett ‘B-Pro Design for Manufacturing’ graduates on the development of forming complex geometry with rammed earth using 3d printing technology, alongside researchers in the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, to understand the performance thermal mass