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We are delighted to have received Architectural Research Funding [ARF] for their research project ‘Enhancing The Performance Of Hempcrete Through A Deeper Understanding Of Thermal Mass’, that contributes towards material research for a new public building proposal for a community centre and nursery at Higham Hill Hub, East London.

Hempcrete is a bio-based building material that can significantly reduce energy demand and green-house emissions of the built environment, while improving thermal comfort, by providing both insulation and thermal mass. This proposal aims to advance the performance of the U-value (insulation property) and thermal mass of walls to reduce the requirement for heating. The research method focuses on prototyping wall build-ups that we test within the laboratories in Here East. This is a cross-faculty collaboration with Dr Valentina Marincioni, Dr Virginia Gori and Tom Davies from B-made with external partner Alex Sparrow from UK Hempcrete.